Most of us have not met, or so I assume. Yet I feel I have crossed paths with many of you.   When I see familiar names over blog responses, I can make pretty good guesses about what to expect.   Christopher, when I spot your name, I assume a high level of knowledge is headed my way. I know nothing of your personal life. TI believe tere have been hints you live on the West Coast, which probably means you are in Nebraska.

What I wonder is if you live a “worst case scenario.”   I do not. When I write about the

disappointments I carry on my shoulders, I am acutely aware that others face a tougher journey. In that regard, I am a lucky guy. That makes writing a blog difficult because there is no average experience with MS or any other illness. It is easy to sell the utility of personal strength and virtue of independence when I still am on my feet and able to go to work. I cannot write about hopelessness when I do not know it.

Christopher, I believe we all bleed for you. You have given us much and there is little we can do for you in return. Please know we are in your corner. I myself owe you because you consistently add dimension to much of what I write.   I wish I could reach out to you through a computer screen and across miles of fiber optic cable. We are your friends≥

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