Truth be Told

A quick thought. I have received many generous responses to the last post about my new stem cell infusion. It happened today. Many wished me well and the strength to endure the pain. I read the word, bravery, in numerous responses. I have to be honest here, maybe even return the medals and merit badges. If you are going to write a blog, you should at least occasionally tell the truth.
There was no pain and little bravery. My neurologist knew precisely what he was doing. It hurts to be nice to any neurologist, but he is good. A pinch of the needle, and the local anesthetic did its work. After that, I felt almost nothing. There s a mythology about certain procedures. Popular belief is that they are draconian, that Nazi doctors perfected them in the 1940s. I like that, because I am a professional wimp perfectly prepared to dine out on self-serving misperceptions.
Alas, I cannot. My ninety-two year old mother would not approve. I will say, however, there was one element of the stem cell infusion that did come pretty close to torture. The actual infusion process took, I don’t know, maybe fifteen minutes. Butt I was forces to lay on an examining table for close to three hours and take in two I V antibiotics that were part of the protocol. That had to be in violation of the Geneva Conventions.
Nothing is easy. Who ever said fighting MS would be easy?

One Response to Truth be Told

  1. Linda Lazarus August 28, 2014 at 8:01 am #

    Best wishes. Good luck. Here’s hoping. My thoughts are with you. I feel your pain. Platitudes that, for once, have real meaning tto me. And one last one..things will get better!